Love Your Neighbor


For our homecoming service we had Travis Bodden, excitve director of the Midwest Church of God, come and speak. He talked about ways to practically love your neighbor as Jesus did.

The Mind Of A Servant


In this sermon Pastor Brett looks at the Mind of the Servant. Service starts at home with our family and friends and then flows out into the community.

The Essentials - Heaven and Hell


In this sermon, Pastor Steve talks about Heaven and Hell.

The Essentials


In this sermon, Pastor Steve talks about some of the essentials of the Christian faith.

Acts - Unity In Diversity


It can be hard to find unity in our time. The church should find unity in Jesus. Check out this sermon where Brett shows how the church in Philippi found unity in the midst of diversity. 

Acts - When The Spirit Speaks


The Holy Spirit is mentioned throughout the book of Acts. In this sermon, Steve talks about the Holy Spirit moving.

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