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Filling Up The Bucket


We all have a Worldview. Jesus wants to change our worldview. He wants to fill up our bucket on what it means to follow Him. Text for this sermon is found in Matthew 7:1-15.

The Heart Of Prayer


In this sermon, Pastor Brett talks about the heart of prayer. God does not just want us to pray, but He wants us to pray with the right motives. Texts found in Matthew 6:1-18.

What Is God Thinking


As we continue our series Sermon On The Mount, Steve talks about God's thoughts on the law. Text can be found in Matthew 5:21-48.

The Heart Of The Law


In this opening sermon of our series, Pastor Brett talks about the heart of the law. We don't grow as Christians by white knuckle trying, but by pursing Jesus. Our text comes from Matthew 5:1-20.

Our Only Hope


In this Easter sermon, Steve talks about the promise of hope. Our hope comes from the resurrection of Jesus.

What Is Faith


In this Easter sunrise service sermon, Brett goes over the story of the paralytic and His 4 friends who cut a hole a roof just to get to Jesus. We talk about true faith. Text can be found in Mark 2:1-12.

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