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For God So Loved The World


Pastor Steve preaches one of the most well-known scriptures in all of the Bible, John chapter 3.

Giving God Our Stress


Many times when we are stressed we take our stress out on the people closest to us. God wants us to cast our stress on Him. Text comes from 1st Peter 5:6-7.

Why The Resurrection Matters


Why did God just not forgive sin? Why would Jesus have to die for our sin? Steve answers these questions in our new series "Why The Resurrection Matters". 

Kingdom Come


In this sermon, Brett talks about the coming of the Kingdom through Jesus and how the Kingdom is spread today by the simple obedience of God's people. Text found in Luke 17:20-37 and John 15 12.

King of the Kingdom


As we come close to ending our series on the Kingdom of God, Pastor Steve talks about the King of the kingdom.

Breakthrough In The Kingdom


In this sermon pastor, Brett takes a look at breakthrough in the Kingdom. Breakthrough comes by focusing on Jesus. We come and change, not change and come. Text is from Hebrew 12:1-2.

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