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Kingdom Comes By Love


Pastor Brett talks about the Kingdom coming through love. God started the Kingdom by the greatest act of love, that love is now inside of us, and it flows to the world around us. Scripture found in Matthew 13 and Mark 9.

Kingdom Disciples


As we continue our series Kingdom Come Pastor Steve takes a look at what it looks like to be a Disciple in God's Kingdom.

How To Get Into The Kingdom


In this sermon, Pastor Brett talks about what it takes to get into the Kingdom. You must have faith like a child.

Kingdom Perspective


In the 2nd sermon of our Kingdom Come series Steve Keagle preaches on the kingdom perspective. The goal of the kingdom perspective is to connect us to God's mission. 

Kingdom Come - God's Promise


This is our first sermon on the series called Kingdom Come. This is a 12-week series where we talk about the Kingdom of God. In this sermon, Brett takes a look God's promises in the Old Testament that God's Kingdom would come through a man named Abraham. Then he talks about what that means for us.

A Matter Of Life And Death


In our last sermon on 1st John Pastor Steve summarizes the book of 1st John. The text can be found 1st John 5:13-21.

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