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Acts - Simon The Magician


It can be easy to worship the gift God gives, over the one who gives it. We see here that Jesus is the ultimate gift that we cant earn. We should not worship His gifts over Him.

Acts - Ananias And Sapphira


In this sermon, Pastor Steve takes a look at the story of Ananias and Saphira. 

Acts - What Can Stop The Church?


In this sermon, Brett talks about how the thing that stops the Church is not anything that happens outside the Church. What stops the church is when they lose focus on their message, the gospel message. 

Acts - Fellowship


In this sermon, Pastor Steve talks about the fellowship that the early church had and how we need to have a life on life fellowship. Text for the sermon can be found in Acts 2:42.

Acts - The Start Of The Church


In this sermon, Pastor Brett talks about the day the Church was started. We see that the prerequisite to get into the Church was not asking Jesus into your heart, but having a faith in Jesus that leads to repentance and action.

Acts - The Ascension Of Jesus


As we start out our new sermon series on the book of Acts, Pastor Steve takes a look at Jesus' ascension into heaven and His call to the disciples.

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