The Mind Of A Servant


In this sermon, Pastor Steve talks about standing strong in the faith. Text comes from Hebrews 3.

The Human Experience


There are times in life when we feel really good about everything going on, then moments later our who world changes. This is called the human experience. We see that Jesus is with us as we go through this experience. Text is in Hebrews 2.

The Danger Of Drifting


In this sermon, Pastor Steve talks about the danger of drifting from Jesus. We can drift when things are going good or bad. The text comes from Hebrews 2:1-4.

Jesus is Greater Than The Angels


In this sermon, Brett takes a look at Hebrews chapter 1. We see that Jesus is more valuable than the angels!

The Superiority Of Jesus


Steve kicks of our series in Hebrews. He talks about the superiority of Jesus. The text can be found in Hebrews 1:1-4

Love Your Neighbor


For our homecoming service we had Travis Bodden, excitve director of the Midwest Church of God, come and speak. He talked about ways to practically love your neighbor as Jesus did.

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