The Night

Brett has a class called The Night that meets on Tuesday nights once a month. During this time we play games, eat food, have a lesson, and have discussion. To find out what day we are meeting this month go to our upcoming events section under resources.Contact Brett at or 217-714-1919 for more info.

The Afterlife - Glimpses Of Heaven And Hell

This class is taught by Pastor Steve and meets every Wednesday night at 6:30. Steve will take a look at topics such as what happens when you die, what is heaven like, and what is hell like. If you would like more information about the class please contact Steve at

Open The Bible

Open The Bible is an online bible study that allows people to study content on their own and meet once a week virtually through a webcast to talk about the content. Each week you will read a set scripture, listen to a 10 to 15 minute teaching, and get discussion questions. If you are interested in joining a group contact Brett at or 217-714-1919. More info found at